Rainbow Haze 5 Pack


The Rainbow Haze is a strain of Sativa. This comes from the U.S. The result of the merging of two common strains, Rainbow and Haze, is Rainbow Haze. Since laboratories calculate THC levels above 20 percent, their buzz is extraordinarily potent. Great for use during the day, in moderate doses, this Sativa-dominant pleasure is increasing in popularity across California. The Rainbow Haze Fem Strain promises dank, peppery buds that inherit the citrus, spicy taste of their extraordinary delicious parents.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Rainbow Haze Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

Its flavor is equally smooth, but with pomegranate highlights that give it a milder edge. Rainbow Haze is a Sativa strain. It can flavor fruity, spicy, earthy, acidic, piney. Although quite rare in most countries, this strain is increasing in popularity. It is identifiable by its unique brightly colored gleaming nugs.

This strain is a bit of a pervert. Effects are instantaneous, but it could take a while for its full impact to kick in. For this purpose, it may well be smart to start slowly, particularly if using it throughout the day. Rainbow Haze is very cerebral, jubilant. It is uplifting, imaginative, inspiring, and busy, but in massive doses, or when effects start to fade off, the Indica genetics can step in to leave you feeling lazy, content, and completely relaxed.

How to Grow Rainbow Haze Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

A Rainbow haze plant’s growing complexity is rated as easy to control. The great news is that it could be grown outdoors or indoors. Experienced Rainbow haze growers advocate using the Sea of Green approach for best outcomes. Indoors, Rainbow haze growers can produce a yield of up to 16 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growers may theoretically see a slightly greater return of up to 26.5 ounces per plant for this strain.