Gorilla Mint 5 Pack


The potency of the Gorilla Mint Feminized strain is not exactly known, but it is said to be high, so you should be cautious around this strain. Although this strain is pretty mysterious, being a child of exceptional variants, you can expect a lot from this. Even though the Gorilla Mint Feminized cannabis is predominantly indica, it will still deliver a well-balanced buzz that many will enjoy. Aside from having a fun time, it will also offer a wide range of therapeutic help, which can be felt even in just a tiny amount.

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Origin Of Gorilla Mint Feminized Seeds

Two potent cannabis strains, specifically the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie and the Gorilla Glue #4, were combined in order to develop the Gorilla Mint Feminized weed. The Thin Mint GSC is a balanced hybrid, while the GG#4 is slightly leaning on the Sativa side. However, the Indica DNA was able to overpower the Sativa gene in this amalgam.

Effects Of Gorilla Mint Feminized Seeds

Being an Indica-dominant, you will feel the effects mainly on the body; you can expect that a warm relaxing blanket will cover your body. You should also anticipate that a mental-stimulating impact will take place, which will clear your head of any negativities. This will allow you to chill out and enjoy a positive vibe at the same time.

Medical Uses Of Gorilla Mint Feminized Seeds

You will not have to smoke the Gorilla Mint Feminized marijuana too much just to feel its effects because a bit of amount will already go a long way. Even with just a low dose, you will already feel some of your conditions getting alleviated. Pain will be washed away as the soothing effect of this ganja kicks in. It will also bring you to a drowsy state, which is beneficial for the insomniacs.

Taste And Aroma Of Gorilla Mint Feminized Seeds

The combination of flavors and aroma when you light the buds of this Mary Jane complements each other. While it has a spicy and earthy aroma, its flavors are more sweet and fruity.

Growing Gorilla Mint Feminized Seeds

As an Indica variant, the Gorilla Mint Feminized plant will not grow tall, making it easy to cultivate indoors and outdoors. It will take about 9 to 10 weeks or by October before its rewarding yield can be collected. The buds that you will be able to collect are heavily coated in trichomes.

Gorilla Mint Feminized Strain Specifications

  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • Genetics Parents: Thin Mint x Zkittelz x GG#4
  • Flowering Period: 9-10 weeds
  • Climate: Unknown
  • Yield: High
  • Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Candy, Spicy, Earthy
  • THC Level: High
  • CBD Level: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Harvest Period: October
  • Growing Difficulty: Moderate