Lemon Sherbert 5 Pack


The Lemon Sherbet is an Indica – dominant strain hybrid (80 percent Indica, 20 percent Sativa).  This strain consists of two distinct strains: 2 Scoops and Lemon Tree. The soft funk of 2 Scoops blends well with the bright lemons of Lemon Tree. The description of such a weed says it all about the taste. Lemon Sherbet has a sweet smooth floral aroma accentuated by fresh high sugar fruits and a spicy exhale. If you get over the taste, the consequences are just as incredibly addictive. When your mental state grows, your body can start to experience a subtle tingle that quickly becomes a full-on vibration, leaving you calm and slightly relaxed, free of any external palpitations or pains.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Lemon Sherbert Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

This Indica-dominant combination retains the delicious scent of berries and smooth lemon, while the aroma includes extra petrol notes. A Lemon sherbert is a hard, lemon-flavored Muggle sweet loaded with fizzy sweets powder, lemon, and gassy.

Lemon Sherbert is one strain to turn to anytime you need a break from chronic anxiety and suffering. This strain is good to use at the end of a very long day or even when spending time with friends. Sherbet provides significant euphoria with slightly sleepy aftermath, making it a perfect choice to wind down for the night.

How to grow Lemon Sherbert Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

Lemon Sherbet has not been developed for commercial selling by nascent farmers. Alternatively, those searching at home cultivating should search for a trusted source to procure peelings; these can be promulgated as similar “clones” and can grow in a hot, tropical environment indoors or outdoors.

Although not much information is provided on quality standards related to raising this strain, its Indica roots mean that it will flower between eight to nine weeks with a small, bushy appearance.