OG Banana Punch 5 Pack


This Indica dominant marijuana strain, created from the combining of Banana OG x Purple Punch, provides scents of ripe bananas and citrusy spices also with the flavor of berries and bananas in the taste, along with the heavy OG spice, a flavor profile that certainly lives up to its reputation. It is a tough, inspiring high with THC amounts of about 22% that blends into a calming state. Banana Punch promises enjoyable head-to-toe pleasuring in addition to its outstanding bag appeal. Before the soothing effects get to work on the muscles and joints, it gives rays of euphoria worthy of advancing consumers to cloud nine. It is also claimed that it carries medicinal benefits that may reduce the effects of a broad variety of diseases. It is an equally blissful experience to grow this plant at home. Rearing it does not need much experience, due to its easy-to-manage existence. Having asked for no affection from its maker, with high yields of top-shelf Kush, it offers a lucrative incentive

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What are the Flavor and Effects of OG Banana Punch Feminized Marijuana Strain

Banana Punch is indeed a delicious, tropical-flavored blend, true to its brand, with a tantalizing aroma of ripe bananas and freshly picked pineapples. Through a closer whiff, faint hints of sweet fruits, freshly made banana bread, flowers, and spices can also be recognized.

Banana Punch offers a long-lasting euphoric feeling and relaxation that helps alleviate fatigue, tiredness, and numerous other aches and pains. The euphoric high begins as a fun tingling feeling that ultimately boosts the atmosphere to lofty heights, rendering the universe seem like it’s seeing through rose-colored glasses. It is pretty quick to be carried away by a whirlwind of imaginative ideas, due to this new-found feeling of elation. You would definitely be more socially active and friendly as well.

The heavy-handed Indica results start creeping in as the gradual and rewarding cortical high wanes. The tranquil high ease the muscles, removing built-up anxiety and discomfort that weighs the body down. While you can feel completely calm and chilled out, when the sedative effects take center stage, the muscles will probably feel heavy. Mobility and functionality would possibly be diminished as a result.

How to Grow OG Banana Punch Feminized Marijuana

Developing Banana Punch is reasonably simple, but to maintain healthy development, many factors must be considered. The strain succeeds best in a regulated climate. Indoor growing requires automated control of environmental factors like temperature, light, and humidity levels that can be modified to satisfy crop needs. The temperature should be around 69 to 80°F, thus humidity levels are about 60% during the vegging process, then lowered during flowering to 40-50 percent.

The 600-watt LED rising lamp performs well when illuminated for 18-20 hrs each day. If you want the plant to develop better, grow it in a soilless medium like coconut or hydroponics. To boost terpene features use organic soil then. This variety reacts well to low-stress (LST) approaches, and ScrOG will perform wonders to improve yield. You may also try ‘topping’ to grow many growing pages. Each square foot yields up to 1,63oz of gorgeous buds after around 7-8 weeks of the flowering period.