Lime Green Skunk 5 Pack


Lime Green Skunk Feminized is a happy and relaxed strain. The “Lime Green” has a green shade and a lime scent, also this strain is the offspring of Northern Lights and Super Skunk. This cannabis strain displays lime-colored leaves with such a lot of orange hairs. The flavor is sweet and strong, and the aroma is fragrant. Perfect for daytime smoking, leaves you feeling energized with a relaxed, floaty buzz.


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What are the Flavor and Effects of Lime Green Skunk Feminized Strain?

It has a strong citrus aroma that has clues of skunk and lemon zest. While THC levels remain relatively consistent at around 17%, Lime Green Skunk has a desirable high.   LGS is loved for its instant energy and focus-inducing effects. After smoking just a few, you will feel more relaxed. While the high from marijuana lasts a few hours, the benefits of marijuana outweigh the long-term risks. You will feel the amazing sensation that gains you ready to face the day. With Lime Green Skunk, you’ll feel the “Green Rush” as your body receives a boost from this hemp-derived high.

How to Grow Lime Green Skunk Feminized Strain

Growing this marijuana plant is moderately difficult and much more hard in cool climates. The indoor setup works wonders and at the correct conditions could really create a decent yield. It can thrive in places with warm temperatures, such as California where even the climate is comfortable all year around.