Green Apple Pie 5 Pack


Green Apple Pie Feminized strain is a Sativa-dominant, an offspring of AK47 and Old Haze. It has a THC level of 18% with a low CBD level of 1.5%, making it great in treating physical pain. This marijuana strain has aromatic buds with tiny hairs that curl between the sugar leaves with a lime green color blended with the red-orange pistil. These buds can also appear in silvery-white color because of their high THC content coats with smokable leaves of crystal trichomes. This marijuana strain is great in therapeutic and medical medication.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Apple Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Green Apple Pie Feminized strain is popular for its taste and scent; this marijuana strain has a Skunk flavor that hits your taste buds with the sweetness of Pine. With a hint of Spicy undertones that would put your body and mind in deep relaxation. The high will leave the users feeling energetic, alert, and motivate them to accomplish their goals. Also, this marijuana strain would melt your body and put you to a couch-lock.

How to Grow Green Apple Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Green Apple Pie Feminized strain can thrive both outdoor and indoors but in a warm and Mediterranean climate. Novice grower is not recommended to grow this strain because it is hard to cultivate and prone to mold and mildew. Its harvesting period would only take a short time 8-10 weeks if cultivated properly. Growers can also expect a bountiful harvest at the end of October.