Grape Drink 5 Pack


Grape Drink marijuana strains are a mostly indica hybrid that will give the users a potent combination of mental and physical high. Famous for its intense relaxing properties mixed with a delightfully strong grape flavor, this cannabis strain is well-loved for the combination of potent effects and its pleasant flavor. Grape Drink genetic lineage comes from breeding two powerful Indica-dominant hybrids, Kimbo Kush and Grape God. With a THC level of 23%, expect a euphoric and energetic high with completely sedating qualities from this sweet weed strain.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape Drink Feminized

Grape Drink cannabis strains effect may take several minutes before the full high starts to kick in. At the onset, a head rush is felt that slowly creeps down the entire body. The user feels a gush of euphoria and energy buzzing in his mind and body, then bringing him to an even more psychoactive high putting the user in an altered state where their moods are totally uplifted and their sensory perception is enhanced. Everything that surrounds the user seems to be magnified. Subtle visual and auditory hallucinations are taking place. A trippy high is being experienced in a dreamlike manner. It is a psychedelic trip best enjoyed when listening to feel-good music as this elevates the mood further. After the kaleidoscopic dream is ebbing down, the Indica effects will make her presence felt as the user will feel their body lighten and those tightly bound muscles start to loosen up. At the next instant, the user will find themselves stretched out on a couch, immobile. This latter effect of the high makes this cannabis strain a late afternoon to evening weed to enjoy as nothing productive will come out once this state is reached as everything will be in slow motion. A few more tokes of this weed and the user will end up in a deep slumber giving him a restful, dreamless sleep.

The aroma of this marijuana strain is unmistakably grape in nature. Hints of sweet berries and the common cannabis earthy aroma are evident. As the smoke is inhaled, the flavor of earth, grape, and sweet berries become more enhanced and a touch of piney flavor will end the smoke as an aftertaste.

How to Grow Grape Drink Feminized

Grape Drink Feminized seeds are not that easy to find. If one finds them online from a reputable seed bank, then grab a lot as these are still rare. The easiest way to grow this weed is to obtain clippings from a healthy growing Grape Drink plant. Once acquired, this plant is not the easiest to grow due to its semi-humid requirement when growing. Installing ventilating equipment to keep humidity levels low is needed to maintain low humidity in the growing area. Further, since these plants have a purple hue on their leaves and stalks, exposing them to cooler climates during the vegetative stage is required to bring out these vibrant colors and induce better THC production. The nighttime temperatures should be at least 10 degrees cooler than the daytime temps to bring out these hues. Flowering will be in 8 to 9 weeks and yields will be the average yield of an Indica dominant plant which is much lower than Sativa dominant varieties.