White Dwarf 5 Pack


As the name implies, this strain is one of the smallest but most productive strains out there. This Indica dominant strain is surely a treasure when it comes to the qualities it possesses, most especially if you are an Indica lover. This is a cross between 2 powerful Indica dominant strains plus a hint of a ruderalis making it into this fast flowering feminized Cannabis Seeds. This strain was produced by Buddha seeds and is available in both regular and feminized versions.White Dwarf Feminized has a small to medium structure and can produce dense and sticky buds oozing with trichomes that will surely come packed with good amounts of cannabinoids. The highest levels measured in this strain reaches around 15% THC levels. She is distinguishable by her Woody and Earthy yet sweet with a bit of spicy flavour profile and scent that delivers a body high accompanied with a relaxing buzz all over perfect for pain relief, insomnia and improving your appetite. Surely this is one of the sweetest cannabis strains you can grow that is quick and easy.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of White Dwarf Feminized?

White Dwarf Feminized strain starts off with a citrusy, sweet flavour profile when smoked accompanied with earthy and woody overtones in its dense creamy smoke. It starts off with a quick relaxing effect similar to any strong Indica perfect for that end of day smoke. Perfect for that night of relaxation while enjoying a movie.

White Dwarf strain packs a strong physical buzz or body high that can crawl through your limbs quickly, making you feel instantly relaxed, perfect for alleviating stress and depression. Its calming effects are also great for improving sleep and treating other sleep disorders.

How to Grow White Dwarf Feminized Strain?

This strain is highly recommended for beginners due to its fast flowering time and small stature. Primarily because of how fast White Dwarf Feminized flowers, this allows growers to avoid unwanted issues while growing it as it can finish in no time. Also, its small structure allows growers to grow secretly or in stealth as this can thrive in very limited spaces. However, this strain is not for you if you are looking for very huge yields but if you base it on how potent and strong the buds she can produce, it makes every gram of her harvest very worth it!

Her natural resistance to pests and sudden changes in the environment plus how quick her cycle is makes it impossible not to finish this strain even if you are still learning to grow. Preferably grown indoors to maximize yield with 14-18 hours of high-quality lighting and High-stress training like SOG can produce around 400-600g/M2.