Garananimals 5 Pack


Bred from Grape Pie and Animal Cookies genetic parents, Garanimals Fem is a robust Indica-dominant strain. It comes with a remarkably high THC content, ranging between 20-24%. Smoking this strain delivers a happy, almost narcotic, and body numbing high that can last for hours, alleviating your pains and taking your stress and worries into thin air. There is limited information about growing the strain, but it is sure to provide impressive yields of sweet-tasting buds a few weeks after germination.

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Garanimals Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Feminized, Mostly Indica

Genetics Parents: Animal Cookies x Grape Pie

Flowering Period: 9 weeks

Climate: Sunny / Warm / Mediterranean

Yield: over 300G/m² indoor, over 350G/plant outdoor

Flavours: Sweet, Grape, Earthy

THC Level: 20-24%

CBD Level: Low

Height: Small – Medium

Harvest Period: Unknown

Growing Difficulty: Intermediate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Garanimals Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

The smell and taste of Garanimals are identical. The sweetness of the grape mixes perfectly with its earthiness. Notice the strong OG taste that gives an extra kick to the smoke. The effects are intensely relaxing from the head down. It sends a pleasant head high to provide you with a happy and chill vibe. As the Indica side takes over, you will feel the numbing effect that travels down to your entire body, leading you to your couch and eventually putting you to rest or sleep. Overall, the strain’s blissful and soothing highs are perfect in the evening or before bedtime.

How to Grow Garanimals Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Garanimals Fem is a good-looking and treasured strain. Its green and purple, dense trichomes bring an extra glow to the plant. It also has fair resistance to pests and common diseases. However, its growing information is limited, so leave it to the intermediate and experienced growers.

The plant stretches small to medium in size and blooms a little later than other strains. It flowers around nine weeks indoors and produces no less than 300 grams per square meter of sweet buds. The yields for outdoor-grown plants can go beyond 350 grams per plant when grown in a warm, dry, and temperate area.