Purple Wreck 5 Pack


A descendant of the male Train Wreck (T4) and Purple Urkel, Purple Wreck Fem will mess you up but in a good way. There is no exact THC content, but some say it can go insanely potent by over 20%. It has a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa component, leaving users positive, upbeat, and happy for hours. This notorious gift from Mother Nature takes any pain and stress away. Growing it is easy, and it flowers fast, producing massive dense purple-hued buds. The fruity sweet aroma and flavors of this cannabis will captivate any user out there. Make sure to grab this precious gift if you find it interesting.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Purple Wreck Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Purple Wreck is one of the rare strains in the market and definitely for keeps. It offers a dominating fruity sweet fragrance that will linger in your nostrils for a while. Users can also smell some berries and grape-like scents with earthy and pine notes. Its mouthwatering flavor is reminiscent of the smell at first whiff.

Due to its more than 20% THC content, the strain can offer absolute fun and relief to anyone. A few hits can turn your frown into a big smile and with an upbeat feeling. The positivity can go for hours before your body settles into a more comforting and relaxing mood. The strain will surely wake all your happy hormones up. It makes you want to go hiking or have a taste of nature.

How to Grow Purple Wreck Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

This Indica-dominant plant is one of the finest females in the world. It is easy to cultivate and flowers are short and fast. Purple Wreck Feminized can thrive indoors and outdoors, producing gorgeous large purple-colored buds. Indoors, it fits just right using SOG technique since it tends to grow medium in size only. After a short 8-9 weeks of blooming, the buds can produce 400-500 grams per square meter. Outdoor growing requires a dry and sunny area to flourish and provide up to 450 grams per plant of dense buds.