Tutankhamon Autoflower 5 Pack


Tutankhamon Autoflowering is a cross between Tutankhamon and Ruderalis. This strain contains one of the most significant proportions of THC available on the cannabis market today. It becomes smaller and more compact as the plant grows, with thick branching and many crystal buds. It is a very productive strain of cannabis. The harvest occurs ten weeks after germination and produces excellent 450-550 gr/m2 when grown under a 600-watt light source. The smoke has a fresh fruity flavour and provides a long-lasting psychedelic high that lasts for hours.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Tutankhamon Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Tutankhamon Autoflowering is exceptional, and it is distinguished by an outstanding fruity flavour and a fresh smell that brings the user to another world with each puff. Its high concentration of THC produces a highly potent cerebral high, similar to those produced by the original Tutankhamon seeds, but with higher THC concentrations.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tutankhamon Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Tutankhamon Autoflowering is effective for treating a wide range of illnesses. Patients suffering from stress and anxiety can significantly benefit from the uplifting and mood-boosting effects of this strain. This strain’s relaxing and pleasant properties can alleviate body aches such as joint problems, lethargy, and nausea.

Adverse Effects You Can Expect from Tutankhamon Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Unfavorable side effects have also been reported with Tutankhamon Autoflowering. Staying hydrated throughout the sesh will help to relieve these symptoms quickly. This train could also cause debilitating headaches.

How to Grow Tutankhamon Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

This strain is grown in a tiny plant (50-110cm), compact, and has many branches. It is straightforward to take care of, making it excellent for rookie breeders and growers with various crops and growing space available. When the plant reaches maturity, you would be pleasantly surprised by the many sticky and spongy buds it contains. In a growing chamber, it will provide yields of approximately 550 grams per square meter after only 8-10 weeks, and in the field, it will provide yields of between 450 grams per plant after 8-10 days, depending on the variety