OC Creamsicle 6pk


OC Creamsicle • Feminized Photoperiod

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

? 16% – 20%+ THC


? Sweet

? Skunky

? Citrusy

Yield Potential

? Large

Flowering Time

? 8-9 weeks

Funky & skunky, OC Creamsicle Feminized Marijuana Seeds cultivate a hybrid citrus cannabis strain. Grown in the USA, this weed has been developed for a balanced experience. Evenly displaying traits of both the indica & sativa pot subspecies, it is sought out for both recreational and therapeutic use.

These premium weed seeds blossom into a plant with large dense flowers that eagerly shows off their covering of thc-producing trichome crystals. The thc-terpene connection produced by OC Creamsicle lends to the mood-lifting, euphoric, and relaxed feel of a balanced buzz.

Proceeding the weed’s effects, the user is treated to its aroma of sweet, skunky citrus. The strong aromatic character harmonizes with its citrus flavor that hints at vanilla kissed by gas.

Stable genetics that makes a great addition to any grow, OC Creamsicle feminized cannabis seeds have been known to be beneficial for those with anxiety, pain, and migraines among many other ailments.

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