Garlic Cookies 6pk


Garlic Cookies • Feminized Photoperiod

Balanced Hybrid

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

? 22% – 26%+ THC


? Skunky Garlic & Onions

? Trace of Diesel

Yield Potential

? Very Large

Flowering Time

? 8-9 weeks

High-end American weed, the garlic cookies feminized cannabis seeds cultivate into a strain of potent pot. High-yielding & high powered, this one is a banger. Genetically mastered with a prescription of precise phenotypes, these ganja gems are swaddled in a blanket of thc-packed trichomes. In the light, these buds will sparkle like the gems they are. After savoring its spicy garlic flavor & skunky onion & diesel aroma, you will be transported to a hard-hitting high. Sedative effects may help with stress, anxiety, and more.

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