Fruity Dragon 6pk


Fruity Dragon • Feminized Photoperiod

Balanced Hybrid

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

? 16% – 22% THC


? Citrusy

? Hints of Lemon & Grapefruit

? Twist of Diesel

Yield Potential

? Large

Flowering Time

? 8-9 weeks

A hybrid strain of premium cannabis engineered & bred in the United States, this is dank’s fruity dragon. It is the result of hunted phenotypes that match the demands of discerning cannabis connoisseurs. It has been made strong through exacting a genetic makeup of only those distinguished cannabinoids and their favored attributes found in subspecies and bred in harmony. For seasoned cultivars or those simply seeking a quality marijuana strain that delivers intensity in both taste and sensation, dank’s fruity dragon strain is literally all the buzz. Euphoria gives way to a gentle return from the experience leaving you satisfied & content. A nonpartisan hybrid strain, fruity dragon presents equal properties of indica & sativa marijuana subspecies. The result is a well-balanced experience of both deep body relaxation and energy.

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