Afghani Five-O 6pk


Afghani Five-O • Photoperiod

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

? 17% – 20%+ THC


? Blueberry

? Lemon

? Twist of Diesel

Yield Potential

? Large

Flowering Time

? 8-9 weeks

*For this Strain we ship double the seed for germination rate correction. Purchase a 6 Pack you will get a 12 Pack! Same with the 12 Packs, you will receive (2) 12 packs.  

A hybrid strain of choice pot genetically mastered & cultivated in America, this is dank’s afghani five-o feminized cannabis seed. It is the result of curated phenotypes that are sought out by marijuana growers and users alike. Its makeup has been strengthened by pairing strains of different subspecies to generate a breed of premium pot with favored cannabinoids and has been bred in exacting environments. Displaying equal traits of the indica and sativa cannabis subspecies, it produces dense, sticky buds and is idyllic for starting your grow. Once cultivated, the user is gifted with robust aromatic and flavor profiles that transition into a pain-free high with a lazy comedown.

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