Monkey OG 5 Pack


Monkey OG feminized strains are fruity and strong with a 26% THC content level. Because of its high THC, it is suitable for expert consumers to induce couchlock results if not adequately consumed. You can notice buds able to form beautiful trichomes suitable for creating powerful extract, oils, and baked goods. With its extensive medial spreading, the Monkey OG plant develops lightweight with a genuine Indica elegance. The leaves are dense, needing pruning for greater light absorption and ventilation. It also likes dry conditions and yields approximately 400 g.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Monkey OG Feminized

Like the scent, banana’s aroma is highly suggestive, but with a hash-like taste that is particularly striking to pot greats. Be cautious since the smoke can be a very earthy aroma and harsh, triggering breathing problems. Tiny drags or bongs are also suggested.

Monkey OG Feminized is a double perfect storm of mind and body high impact, both lengthy and intensely relaxing the first toke within several minutes. She starts with the subconscious, causing a condition of euphoric joy which is quickly accompanied by a comfortable and quiet lethargy, both calm and lazy. With this herb, you’ll find yourself stuck down and falling into your bed, and couch lock isn’t just usual, but certainly possible. Happy thinking and imagination will flourish in your head as you settle back and relax out, keeping you amused if not artistic – you’ll fail to get up and get on with something strenuous.

How to Grow  Monkey OG Feminized

The leaves of Monkey OG Feminized are dense and tightly covered in trichomes, rendering it an ideal strain for developers searching for cannabis from their plants. Relevantly, her flower stalk ratio is perfect for fast cola manufacturing at harvest time, and her shape is small, with plenty of lateral spreading typical of marijuana Indica strains.

A Sea of Green (SoG) framework can help optimize yields in a small room and, when well provided for, Monkey OG can bloom for 8-9 weeks before generating a delicious yield of about 400 grams of tropical nugs. If you prefer to grow this fruity lady outside, a Mediterranean environment is perfect since this is a sun-loving plant. In California, areas of Australia, and Southern Europe, she’ll do good, and in the northern hemisphere, harvest time comes about October. The colas are plumpest when about half of her trichomes has become milky or chilly white, and that she will produce approximately 450 g per crop outdoors.