Dutch Treat Autoflower 5 Pack


Bred from Afghani Gold, Northern Lights, Hawaiian Sativa, Santa Maria, and Ruderalis genetics, Dutch Treat Auto is a luscious treat to everyone. It comes with a moderately high THC content between 10-15% with high CBD levels to spice up your day. When smoked, it delivers a gentle mental and body stone, relieving all stress and pain. This Indica-leaning hybrid offers a subtle cerebral experience for you and your friends for days when your only job is to chill. Growing this short-sized plant is at a moderate to difficult level. However, hardworking growers can harvest abundant floral-scented and fruity-flavoured buds in a short time. The strain is slowly becoming a new favourite, and you will soon experience it too. Dutch Treat Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Dutch Treat Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Dutch Treat has stable genetics that shares a unique terpene profile. Its buds are floral, fruity, and skunky in smell. It also emits a strong citrus aroma that adds a slight harshness to your smoking experience. The taste is fruity and sweet with an earthy, pine, and woody mix. You can compare the flavour to eucalyptus and orange.

Smoking this cannabis lightens the mood, keeping you in control. It puts you in a relaxing state but can fill you the energy if you need one. It keeps you going without the feeling of stress. The strain hits both mind and body, giving you a warm sensation and eliminating tensions.

How to Grow Dutch Treat Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Dutch Treat is mostly Indica with a short and compact size. Its difficulty in growing is in the moderate to difficult level, perfect for growers with experience. The plant is easily recognized with its light green-coloured leaves and compact buds, although one of two phenos can be slightly darker. The strain is well suited indoors and outdoors and in any setup.

This plant grows around 60-90 cm indoors, making it appropriate for the SOG method. It prefers an 18/6 light cycle when grown indoors. Its dense and gluey buds with stunning gold trichomes can deliver around 340-450 grams per square meter with ample nutrients. It takes 8-10 weeks to flourish and be ready for harvest. Cultivate this plant in a Mediterranean-like climate outdoors, and it will grow between 60-120 cm. By late September, growers can collect between 115-230 grams per plant.