Grapefruit 5 Pack


The Grapefruit Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Mary Jane’s is a Sativa-dominant hybrid particularly famous for its rich flavor and energizing effects. For any weed smoker that enjoys fruity and citrus flavors, this strain is surely a go-to for them. It is formed by crossbreeding some potent Cinderella 99 with pure Thai Sativa. The resulting strain is one that does great justice to the Sativa influences that it makes use of. Grapefruit tends to lean more towards inducing a very mood-enhancing high that can keep you preoccupied with the boost of energy this gives. Also, the strong taste of grapefruit from the smoke is very easy to distinguish from other citrus-based flavors, hence its name. This strain stands as the perfect example of classic Sativa as it has all the makings of a great daytime companion.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Grapefruit Feminized?

Grapefruit has been able to reach the gardens of multiple growers mainly due to the addicting flavors and terpene profiles that it produces! Like the fruit it was named after, smokers will get constant bursts of citrus and lemon with each hit that they take. The tropical sweetness that fills your mouth and coats your entire palette will make you feel as though you just dived right into a bowl full of fruit salad!

As for the effects, this Grapefruit Feminized strain from Mary Jane’s is a great Sativa entry for any smoker. Often considered as an anytime strain, the energizing and euphoric mind buzzes will get you up and ready for anything that comes your way. As you soak in all the elements surrounding you, your perception of things will begin to seem a lot clearer. A light-headed mind massage will then sharpen your focus, which can lead to an overall boost in your productivity and energy. It’s no wonder they call this a wake and bake strain!

How to Grow Grapefruit Feminized

Despite being Sativa-dominant in almost all aspects, the Grapefruit Feminized plant can actually start displaying some streaks of purple hues if grown under some slightly cooler temperatures. As such, these seeds can resist the development of molds and illnesses very well. It is important to keep the growing conditions for this strain highly regulated in a semi-humid climate. And because of the rather bushy stature that you will get, some training techniques such as pruning, scrogging, or trimming are needed.

Other than that, Grapefruit is really convenient for beginners to grow. It isn’t as tall as other Sativa-dominant strains which makes it easy to maintain. Grapefruit Feminized seeds respond well to general amounts of nutrients. As a low-maintenance strain with more than enough yields, Grapefruit is fit for anyone out there!