California Orange Autoflower 5 Pack


California Orange Autoflower is an old cannabis strain that has established its name and is famous for all those who want to get something that can be used during the daytime. It’s because it offers a cerebral high that isn’t too distracting while keeping the mind clear. y California Orange Autoflower is a mysterious strain and the only thing we do know is it came from California and also has the taste and smell of citrus, that’s how it got its name. It is also called Cali-O, C.O.B. Cali Orange, as well as California Orange Bud.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of California Orange Autoflower Strain?

California Orange Autoflower tastes amazing, too. It has a good orange flavor with a tropical, fruity undertone and subtle sweet aftertaste. The way its taste is represented is by discussing the fruit instead of a strain of cannabis. California Orange Autoflower is a cannabis strain that reaches fairly quickly, though not in a way that overpowers its users, particularly novices. Instead, it takes you to a cerebral head that raises the mood almost instantly. This tension will relax you. Half an hour at most just after high kicked-in cerebral brain, you begin a huge awareness of concentration and clear-mindedness. California Orange Autoflower boosts artistic thinking without taking you to the dreamworld. Supporting the head-high, the Indica properties often begin creeping in the body. The alleviation and relief of the body from physical issues complements the head high, going to make you feel comfortable, satisfied, and cheerful with such an extra boost.

How to Grow California Orange Autoflower Strain

California Orange Autoflower can grow outdoors, but it prospers even better when grown indoors. It could develop from 4 to 6 feet in height and also has dense, leafy buds. Although usually not hard to develop, it takes some effort and some stress training during its development. Cultivating California Orange Autoflower indoor is a great way to grow and also have a harvest of around 14-18 ounces each sq meter in 9-10 weeks.  It flourishes using the Green Sea (SOG) and hydroponics process. Outdoor, it doesn’t thrive as well as indoor growing. Still, the estimated early November yield by the end of October will still be about 18 oz or more for each plant. It enjoys living in a relatively warmer, Mediterranean-like atmosphere and plenty of sunshine.