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Shiskaberry Feminized is an exceptional marijuana strain. Her earthy, pungent, fiery notes leave a wonderful, unforgettable smell and taste. Shiskaberry is one gorgeous Indica that can bring you where you’ll be and hold you back. Her exquisite berry fragrance will immerse you in a deeper realm of joy and wisdom. She could relax your tongue, and bring you happiness before she gives you a soothing good massage. Foresee growing with such a significant yield indoors for 8 to 9 weeks. With spread pre-flowering, she will grow up to 1.2 m outdoors and produce up to 2 kg of amazing flowers. It is preferable to have a dry atmosphere.

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Shiskaberry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

For anyone fortunate enough to try it, Shiskaberry is a totally special treat. Shiskaberry, or’ Kish,’ is an 80% indica-dominant hybrid that has been the result of combining an unknown Afghani strain with the notorious DJ Short Blueberry. At the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, Shiskaberry took second place for Best Indica, and all who try her love the scent and flavor, and also experiencing an extreme buzz with a variety of effects.

It has pungent, earthy, fiery notes that leave a delicious, unforgettable aftertaste. Her exquisite berry perfume will plunge you into a deeper realm of pleasure and inspiration, it’s a stunning Indica that will bring you where you have to be and keep you away. She could loosen your tongue, then make you happy, until she offers you a soothing full body massage.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Shiskaberry Feminized Marijuana Strain

The buds of Shiskaberry have a fruity and very berry scent, as well as the buds, are set in violet shades. Shiskaberry does have a delicious, earthy flavor that balances out sweetness, turning smoothly into its taste. Nugs are long and thick with an enormous number of frosty trichomes.

With THC amounts that sit between 18- 26%, Shishkaberry can most likely lead you to an exotic destination. However this trip, as enjoyable as it is, isn’t for everyone. It can intimidate the weak of heart and stun novice tokers. The jaunt starts with a head high that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and centered.

Strolling but not lost, the mind shifts inward but you’ll always be conscious of your surroundings. Most people may have a deep need to interact and talk, which allows communicating this burden with friends a wonderful idea. Excellent for a post-work or before bedtime puff out, the Sativa improvement doesn’t last long. It’s a helpful companion to activities that are not time-consuming.

How to Grow Shiskaberry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Shiskaberry can be grown both outdoors and indoors, but it favors a mild, dry environment in the latter case because it has reasonably strong mold resistance. Plants expand up to between 80-120 cm indoors. At 7-8 weeks, it finishes flowering reasonably easily and yields 500-600 gr/m2. A height of 120 cm at the upper end of the scale outdoors. It is the standard and is very feasible with an increased vegetative time yield of 150 – 200 grams per plant. This includes planting long before mid-summer, enabling the plants to “bush-out” so that more flowering places are established. The crop would occur in the northern latitudes in the second half of September. For beginners, this is an excellent marijuana seed as it is so simple to develop.