Bruce Banner Autoflower 5 Pack


The Bruce Banner Autoflower strain is a perfect mix of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush based on the original Bruce Banner. A Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with 20/80 Indica/Sativa genetics. Bruce Banner Autoflowers strain is combined third marijuana, Ruderalis, with any of this already powerful strain. Ruderalis plants were found in northern Russia, in which extreme conditions resulted in marijuana species that could rapidly stay alive in harsh conditions and flower. In about a few weeks, Bruce Banner Autoflower strain can flower, and you will never have to change the light patterns. If growing these cannabis plants outdoors, they don’t obey season guidelines. If it is warm enough, they’ll grow. Bruce Banner Autoflower strain creates the same impacts as feminized weed seeds, except that the yield is lesser since they have less time to develop.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Bruce Banner Autoflower?

Bruce Banner Autoflower shows off its Strawberry Diesel genetic makeup as shortly as its buds begin to produce gooey resin. A berry-like fruitiness with such a slight touch of floral scent that wonderfully blends with all its powerful fuel aroma. The flavor profile is just like the scent when illuminated, and it also contains an invigorating citrus splash. Even though Bruce Banner autoflower strain appears far from monstrous, its resilience of up to 26 percent THC is similar to a Hulk cerebral punch. It really is an outstanding daytime use strain that can elevate the mind and erase any sign of body restlessness. Since it stimulates a strong high that would give the brain liked to think while also triggering giggle appears to fit, it is probably wise to select a new strain for a pre-work hit. Bruce Banner Autoflower is a great companion for social gatherings, keeping you positive and energetic for at least a few hours. It also increases critical ideas, enabling the mind to freely roam in the discovery of better sources of inspiration. It provides lingering, but still calming head to toe high.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bruce Banner Autoflower?

Even though it has a tiny frame, Bruce Banner autoflower is as strong as the regular plant, holding the very same potent substances said to make it an adaptable medical herb. Also because strain grows from high THC level seeds, it has to be enjoyed with decent intervals across each hit even by skilled aficionados. Like most any other strains, cerebral effects linger first. In just a few minutes, a single puff can help suppress depression and stress, producing a trouble-free frame of mind where creative ideas can travel. Kudos to the vigorous kick it provides, this invigorating strain also can help fight fatigue and tiredness. The vigorous analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of THCs also will come into effect, which would help ease the symptoms of chronic physical pain caused by migraines and arthritis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bruce Banner Autoflower

However, there may well be negative effects. Dry eyes and dry mouth are the most common side effects of most marijuana just like Bruce Banner Autoflower that can quickly intensify, causing anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness.

How to Grow Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner Autoflower does look like an Indica strain, even though it’s a Sativa. The business of this plant covers up its strong branches and stem while displaying colas and dense, green, huge nugs. So if cooled climates, its leaves would turn to a deep magenta hue, which could also stretch to the buds. It will be only 3 feet tall at full maturity, then it can thrive in small spaces. Whilst also that may have been enticing enough by itself, the major selling point of the plant has been its high indoor yield. Keep temperatures around 69-80°F and grow in a Green Sea set up and you’d have 1.63 oz/sq foot inside of 9-10 weeks of blooming. True towards its Ruderalis origins, this small plant flourishes also outdoors. A warm climate is important, but again, as a fast-growing strain, it won’t have a chance to recuperate if it is injured or sick. Harvest season runs from July-October, for each plant developing 3.5 oz of densely packed nugs.