Cotten Candy 5 Pack


The union of Power Plant and Lavender parents brought Cotton Candy to life. This hybrid has 25% Indica and 75% Sativa makeup with a 20% THC content that will punch anyone like a hammer. It offers long-lasting cerebral and euphoric effects that can knock out stress, chronic pain, and more. It is one of the most delicious yet potent strains on the market today. The plant is easy to manage and produces enormous yields of fruity buds in a short span. This multi-awarded strain is one of the sought-after strains for commercial growers, recreational and medicinal users, for it is the perfect plant inside and out

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Cotton Candy Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Not only beautiful outside, but Cotton Candy is also priceless inside. Sniffing the buds of the plant can get you high with its intense and pungent smell. Inhaling the smoke will greet you with a citrusy and fruity taste. The sweet taste combines the cedarwood and skunky flavours to make it more citrusy, earthy, and mouthwatering.

A few puffs of candy-like buds can make users euphoric almost instantly for hours. The cerebral and physical buzzes are powerful yet soothing. The 20% THC content is excellent for seasoned smokers and best consumed during the day.

How to Grow Cotton Candy Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Cotton Candy is a true beauty that is easy to manage indoors and out. It was developed with better resistance to molds, pests, bugs and responds well to stress. It flowers fast, producing gigantic yields of premium and flavorful buds. Its parents shared a lot of good-looking characteristics, including the large foxtail buds and excellent calyx to leaf ratio. At the end of the flowering stage, you can notice gorgeous lavender-coloured leaves and long branches.

Rearing indoors results in a whopping 500-600 grams per plant along with occasional trimming. Plant this female outdoors, and you can collect a significant yield of more than 1500 grams per plant of sugary sweet buds by mid-October.