American Haze / California Haze 5 Pack


Cannabis aficionados frequently choose American Haze / California Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds. With a powerful THC content of 14–17%, these seeds are renowned for growing high-quality cannabis plants. Although the plants take a while to flower, the wait is well worth it since the result is a crop of dense, sticky buds that smell delicious and spicy. The feminized seeds ensure a high yield of potent buds without the hassle of male plants. These seeds are perfect for both novice and experienced growers looking for a rewarding and enjoyable growing experience. With their superior genetics, American Haze / California Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur.

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About American Haze / California Haze

The American Haze/California Haze Feminized cannabis strain is the result of the crossing of these two outstanding Haze cannabis strains, as its name clearly implies. For anyone who wants to grow their own supply of powerful, tasty buds, these seeds are the ideal option. They are feminized, which means you can expect a guaranteed yield of all-female plants, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Sativa-dominant hybrid strain American Haze/California Haze has a strong high. These buds provide an uplifting and euphoric high with a THC level that can reach up to 17%, leaving you feeling energized and creative. A key selling point is the flavor profile, which includes citrus, pine, and earthy undertones.

These seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, depending on the environment. They flower for a reasonable nine to ten weeks, yielding large amounts of dense, sticky buds. Plus, they are relatively easy to grow, making them a great choice for novice growers who want to try their hand at cultivating their own cannabis.

Flavor and Appearance of American Haze / California Haze

Its feminized status ensures that every time you cultivate it, you’ll get a consistent crop of powerful and tasty buds. American Haze is renowned for its sweet, fruity flavor, which also has hints of citrus and pine. It has a robust perfume that is both earthy and spicy, which is equally pleasing. Even the most discriminating cannabis connoisseurs are sure to enjoy the smoking experience these flavors and fragrances combine to produce.

The visual appeal of American Haze is breathtaking. It has big, robust buds that are a vibrant green color with blazing orange hairs and a thick layer of trichomes as accents. The buds have a thick layer of resin covering them, giving them an eye-catching frosty, dazzling appearance.

How to Grow American Haze / California Haze

American Haze can grow to a height of 80 to 100 cm when grown inside, and up to 200 cm when planted outdoors. It may produce 500-550 grams per square meter when grown inside and up to 700 grams per plant when planted outdoors. Its flowering period lasts about 10 to 12 weeks.

This cultivar is perfect for growth in California and other Mediterranean regions since it thrives in a warm, sunny environment. The proper environmental conditions, such as a constant temperature of between 22 and 26 °C, humidity levels between 40 and 60 %, and sufficient air circulation, allow it to also be cultivated indoors.