Tropic Thunder 5 Pack


If you already know this type of strain of cannabis, you guessed it right. It probably was named after an animated film. Tropic Thunder is a hybrid of the Maui Wowie family that dominates the sativa. With a floral aroma that is not too powerful, it has a beautiful appearance with lime green and purple colors. Although its original breeder and true family are unknown today, Tropic Thunder comes from the cannabis family Maui Wowie. While the name of this strain suggests a loud and proud profile, this bud, from its look to its high, is rather mild all around. These lovely buds are often dense, little lime or olive-green nuggets with a luminous color of orange hair and purple tones. The trichomes on this bud vary according to the phenotype in color, so either amber or white milky crystals are expected to cover those buds.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Tropic Thunder Feminized Cannabis?

This cannabis strain is as pleasant to medicate throughout the day as it is before far into the evening when it has a very floral, mildly bitter, and Kool-Aid grape flavor when burned. After smoking, you should hope to feel comfortable and mellow and to grin with a quiet and even vibration.

As your mind washes bliss, chuckling feeling, people around you would undoubtedly question why you have a dopey smile on your face. This mildly strong height will actually ease your body slightly enough that you don’t hold to your chair but can offer some pain relief.

How to Grow Tropic Thunder Feminized Seed?

Tropic Thunder feminized seed may be cultivated indoors or outdoors, but outdoor cultivation includes a mild, semi-humid environment with consistent sunshine. As with Sativa, when grown indoors, it has a long flowering period of 9-10 weeks; grown outdoors it’s able to be harvested in mid-October. Tropic Thunder strain gives farmers a high return on their efforts. Last but not least, this hybrid can be a very smooth strain for development – any that aim to discreetly sustain their cultivation can invest in odor control measures such as exhaust fans.