Himalaya Gold 5 Pack


A cross between North Indian and Nepalese genetics, Himalaya Gold is a precious hybrid for Indica lovers out there. The strain comes with a modest THC content of 13% and 1.4% CBD level. This combination resulted in a smooth, very creative high that can melt away pain and increase the appetite of cannabis consumers. This sweet-tasting hybrid grows very tall and will require support during the flowering stage. It performs best outdoors but thrives indoors as well. The plant is famous for its large production of thick, spicy-sweet buds in a short time, so start growing them now.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Himalaya Gold Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Himalaya Gold oozes with sweet yet spicy chocolate fragrance with pepper hints. The flavour is complex, yet you can detect traces of sweetness of chocolate with hints of pepper. The terpene profile is what makes it distinct from the rest of the Indica varieties.

The balanced effects of the strain offer a long-lasting and creative high. The high is body-centric, taking away pains and tensions then traveling slowly to the mind, keeping users active and creative. This hybrid is a top choice for beginners of cannabis smoking.

How to Grow Himalaya Gold Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Himalaya Gold is a highly productive strain when it comes to growing. It grows tall, reaching a height of 150 cm indoors and as tall as 240 cm outdoors. The plant responds well to LST and has good resistance to colder climates. It is a perfect candidate for indoor and outdoor cultivation, but remember to add support later in the flowering phase to keep them from breaking apart.

When cultivated in a grow room, the plant takes 8-9 weeks to flourish and produce around 800-850 grams per square meter of thick and dense buds. This female does well outdoors when it is under the sun. The harvest can give you more than 1000 grams per plant, insanely heavy and resinous buds. The harvest usually starts in late September.