Strawberry 5 Pack


The connoisseur Strawberry marijuana strain leans on the sativa side with a THC level of 19%. Many have tried to speculate but the lineage of this strain remains to be unknown. Nevertheless, this highly popular strain made its mark in the cannabis world because of its quick and easy growth and mouthwatering strawberry fragrance and flavor. Users will enjoy a long-lasting smooth, mood-boosting cerebral buzz and elated social eagerness that will soon translate into a mild calming effect that relaxes the body. In just 8-9 weeks, the Strawberry strain grows into a sturdy, average-sized plant with large, dense colas wrapped in reddish crystals. Able to thrive in any climate, this plant can yield between 550-750g of harvest through basic cultivation methods.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Feminized Strain?

The Strawberry marijuana strain tastes like a bowl of strawberry ice cream. With its matching strawberry aroma and taste, users will feel like they are enjoying a sweet delicious smoothie dessert.

The Strawberry marijuana strain’s high Sativa properties provide a slow-building solemn high that rushes from the head and throughout the body. Users will experience an uplifting euphoria that will melt all the negativities away. Perfect for social gatherings, this weed can be enjoyed among colleagues for a fun-filled conversational experience. A faint relaxing feeling will soon course through the mind towards the body, allowing the user to still function properly.

How to Grow Strawberry Feminized Strain 

The Strawberry marijuana strain is a good handle for new and experienced growers who are knowledgeable of basic cultivation methods. In as fast as 8-9 weeks, this strong plant grows highly dense and compact buds with a huge center bud wrapped in glowing red, sticky trichomes. Yield can range between 550-750g depending if you are growing the strain indoors or outdoors.

For indoor gardening, this strain grows into a perfectly average-sized plant that will not take up much room. This strain cultivates best via the Sea of Green technique, but for big growth, hydroponics can also be applied with the plant placed in organic soil. Humidity levels and temperature should be monitored properly to ensure optimal conditions. Expect around 550g/m2 during the harvesting period.

For outdoor gardening, this strain does not need too much attention other than pruning and trimming. Plant it in a dry, warm location with copious amounts of sunlight and it will reward you with a yield of roughly 750g per plant upon flowering.