Skunk Autoflower 5 Pack


The Skunk auto-flowering is an old-school Skunk crossed by Kazakhstan’s pure Ruderalis. It results in excellent autoflowering with extreme intensity and high processing potential of up to 80-100 grams per dried material plant. The arrangement is branchy, and the internodes are broad or medium. It is a medium-high auto-flowering strain and performs best if it reaches a height of 90-120 cm. During the first two weeks of growth, Skunk Auto-flowering extends rapidly, growing powerful industries and lush foil. The leaves are dense, green in color, with leaflets combining.A very easy to grow species of up to 20% THC. A rugged, durable, easy-to-manage, self-flowering strain. Thanks to the Skunk heritage, it is suitable for farmers with short and colder summers.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Skunk (Autoflowering)?

The fragrance of this strain is unique and reminds the earthy and aromatic sweet candy. The old school funk from the Skunk (Auto-flowering) could be determined as sweet shop sweets. Skunk Auto, of course, offers you the grace and modern taste and scent that everyone wants from a Skunk range. The fragrance and flavor are admired worldwide and are very legendary. In particular old-fashioned schools, tokers are brought deep into the past to make the herb seem a little nostalgic. The blend even incorporates several shades of earth and even caramel.

The impact is sufficient enough for a smooth and smooth body stone to change your mood. The buzz generated is energetic and friendly. The head is lively and imaginative, while the body is quiet and calm.

How to Grow Skunk (Autoflowering)

Skunk Auto is super easy to grow and fast, as are most auto-flowering strains. Seeds take only 8-9 weeks to choose from. You should then harvest this lady’s resinous, aromatic buds. The low profile and short height of this plant would primarily support small growings. Skunk Auto pumps all energy despite its bonsai-like form into several flowers.

This abundance of light and warm temperature management and adequate ventilation must also be present to effectively cultivate this crop in a greenhouse or indoor so that the bud molding chances are lessened. Indoors the method of soil growth is probably superior to hydroponics since water growth can often increase humidity. It will improve the molding chances and requires additional ventilation as a preventive measure. In an indoor climate, this strain can produce 350-400g/m2, while outdoors, the plant grows and yields marginally. However, the external harvest mainly depends on the environment in which you thrive.