Redwood Kush Fast Version 5 Pack


A strong Indica-dominant strain by nature, the Redwood Kush Fast Version is a beautiful cannabis plant with its origins still…
A strong Indica-dominant strain by nature, the Redwood Kush Fast Version is a beautiful cannabis plant with its origins still remains covered in mystery as no connoisseur nor amateur has known its producer. Nevertheless, a few theories have been created that this hybrid came from the US as its namesake, which is that of the Redwood tree, is well-known in the Pacific Northwest where, also coincidentally, the use of recreational cannabis has been legalized. This fast version has an aroma and flavor profile that is sure to be a treat. It tastes and smells like earth, and forests, and of course trees that are quite reminiscent of the Redwoods. Leaning more to the Indica category, the effects are soothing, relaxing, and easy-going. The Redwood Kush Fast Version has really got that chill vibe and fast-maturing quality that really appeals to both users and breeders alike.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Redwood Kush Fast Version?

As its name suggests, the Redwood Kush Fast Version gives off an excellent aroma and flavor that will make users feel like they’re walking inside a forest or in an earthy and serene Northern California environment. Its aroma produces a pine-like, earthy, and herbal scent with subtle hints of wood. The taste, on the other hand, is intensely sweet with strong tones of mango, and a very subtle Skunk background. It also has that woody and earthy flavor that’s surprisingly tasty and smooth.

With THC levels of up to 16-24%, it delivers uplifting and relaxing effects. The Sativa side of the herb usually kicks in first before the Indica which means that users will feel a kick of euphoria and creativity. Moreover, the uplifting emotions such as elation and happiness, making users experience a spacey feeling. The Indica side then takes action wherein it delivers a sedative yet relaxing body effect. Eventually, the physical stone leads to not getting work done or losing focus. Due to its high potency, the high will go on longer. And since it’s Indica-dominant, it is known to cause couchlock so it’s best to use this strain at night.

How to Grow Redwood Kush Fast Version?

Growing Redwood Kush will not be much of a problem since it is an Indica-dominant cannabis plant. It grows vigorously, especially that it has been made into a fast-growing version and is photoperiod-dependent. Also, the plant produces resin-coated buds with red flowers. The plants are very productive and resinous.

Even though the plant does not have many demands, growers should always make sure to check out the plant from time to time as well to see if there may be possible nutrient deficiencies. This plant is best cultivated indoors where the temperature can be controlled in order to achieve the ideal condition for this fast version of the Redwood Kush. It can only grow short or medium in height. With moderate skills and the right nutrients given to the plant, growers can collect yields of up to 400-650G per square meter.