Purple Punch 5 Pack


Feminized seeds from Purple Punch deliver incredibly powerful buds through the highest level US chromosomes. These genes originate from Grandaddy Purple, with some of the finest beautiful purple/blue buds you can find, become renowned for reliably 20% + THC amounts. The Larry OG genetic modification tends to give additional yields to the harvest season and a rich OG flavor to an otherwise outstanding range. Thanks to the use of strong, potent parent genetics, Purple Punch feminized seeds are simple and uncomplicated to produce. For this Indica dominated cross, the bloom period is about 8-9 weeks. With a pleasant fragrance of grape juice and dark berries, the buds are strong. With a powerful cortical high complemented by intense body impact, the high easily dissolves tension.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Punch Feminized

Purple Punch’s aroma is suggestive of the center of a pastry of high consistency. Its flavor is that of apple pie and cloves. It is capable of creating a powerful bouquet of fruity aromas, coupled with pleasant suggestions that smell a little like a tasty dessert; its taste is nuanced and interesting.

A swelling feeling of elation takes control following the first strike, and tension and worry subside as overwhelming pleasure rushes in. When a secure, optimistic emotional condition is reached, thoughts begin to flow easily, stimulating imagination and rendering artistic efforts more desirable. It is therefore often simpler to visualize and can assist with some projects, but there is a delicate line here because the resulting consequences can lead couch-lock smokers to drop out.

A curtain of relaxation comes back over the whole body as certain cerebral activities are taking place. The calming feeling passes through everything that prevents its path, easily, calming stresses and exploding. The second step of the physical impact starts to take effect after a matter of minutes, and the body begins to feel incredibly heavy. Immobility soon follows, and melting into the sofa is almost unavoidable at this stage. About an hour or two, a long nap will follow, rendering Purple Punch feminized a perfect strain to try a little while before going to bed.

How to Grow Purple Punch Feminized

Due to the availability of Kush genes, Developing Purple Punch is an easy task. The small, compact stature of the plant enables it to thrive strongly, including in areas with minimal screen space. Without any need for assistance, its sturdy roots retain a firm hold on its expanding colas, but to maintain its growing business under control it will require regular trimming. Doing this often avoids moisture accumulation and provides greater access to light and air to its lower-lying flowering areas.  The wispy white pistils of its bright green nugs turn burnt orange fur when the plant gets closer to maturity. Around the same moment, the thick resin coat often adds a glimmering, frosty alabaster allure to the thick buds. The plant is turned into a profound plum elegance through exposure to cool night temperatures. Although the procedure does not improve effectiveness, the bag quality of the flowers is enhanced.

After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, developing indoors will provide up to 1.8 oz of new Purple Punch fem buds each sq meter. A mixture of optimum growing conditions and the right strategies must be placed into operation to accomplish harvests of this scale. Setting up the Sea of Green is advised, in particular in limited rising areas. It’s safest to select a place blessed with lots of sunshine and warmth if you want to flourish outdoors. Locations like Florida, Australia, California, and Southern Europe are the most desirable and allow up to 21 ounces per plant to be obtained. Cultivating during the summer in cooler areas is often possible if the climate is stable, although the yield is expected to be smaller. The harvest will be due in the northern hemisphere starting about the end of September until the beginning of October.