Northern Mango Autoflower 5 Pack


Northern Mango Auto is a very tasty and tropical strain that has plenty to offer, from its qualities down to its wonderful effects. This Indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis is created by crossing the Mango, Northern Lights, and Big Bang Auto strains. Thus, the creation of a strain that has a mouth-watering, rich, and fruity aroma with a very quick growing cycle. Harnessing award-winning genetics, this herb is considered to be perfectly well-rounded, producing effects that are ideally suited to both recreational and medicinal use. And it has kept all the delectable flavors of the original strain which are very pleasing to the senses. Moreover, it is impressively quick and easy to grow and is a provider of high-quality and decent yields. Northern Mango Auto strain is just like its predecessor, a truly special marijuana that’s worth its award-winning lineage.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Northern Mango Auto Strain?

The aroma and flavor profile of the Northern Mango Auto strain are distinctly exotic and tropical. Undoubtedly, the strain exudes the sweetness of a nice and juicy mango scent with strong fruity notes highlighted with earthy herbal tones. As for its flavors, it tastes just like real mangoes combined with fruity overtones that bring a tropical vibe, which appear to be very enticing to users.

In terms of potency, this weed is mid-range having THC levels of around 15%. However, the strain produces feel-good high and effects that are quite long-lasting. It starts with a mentally and emotionally uplifting buzz that starts off as calming but eventually induces euphoria. This sparks creativity and is quite energizing, making it an ideal choice for a daytime strain. After that, it settles into a calming full-body stone that relaxes the entire body.

How to Grow Northern Mango Strain?

Cultivating the Northern Mango Auto strain is easy to grow which is very convenient for beginner growers. The structure of the plant is very Indica, growing short and bushy producing large, dense, and heavy buds. Moreover, it grows numerous branches with multiple bud sites which help produce a large amount of mass late on in the flowering period. Given that it is an autoflowering variety, it finishes around only 9-10 weeks.

The plant can flourish well in both an indoor and outdoor environment. It is well-suited to a SCROG technique due to its branchy structure. Furthermore, it can yield impressively using hydroponics but it is best grown in soil. It is also recommended to put it in a place where it can receive a lot of light. It’s best grown in warmer climates, but the presence of Ruderalis means it will still deliver excellent yields if grown in cooler northern weather. Growers can expect yields of around 200-300G of resin-covered buds under great conditions. Its particularly rapid growth means that it can able harvest as early as May.