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M8 Feminized is a marijuana strain developed by crossing the popular Black Domina and M8 strains (70 percent indica, 30 percent sativa). It requires a reasonably short period for flowering and will perform best in outdoor conditions.M8 is a robust medium-sized branching plant with large compact flowers. It is a great strain for a grower. It is fast-growing and produces a lot of buds.

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How to Grow M8 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Beginners will have a happy time growing marijuana. It should take just a few weeks to develop. Even with these additions, the end product will still be a higher-quality bud.

M8 spreads a lot, but M8 grows into a medium-sized plant. It can grow in an average-sized grow tent and under a porch. It also can grow in the backyard with other plants. No guerrilla planting is required.

M8 can be stored in a 70-80 degree space with a room temp of 65-70. If the area is limited, you can use the Sea of Green technique to optimize yield potential. You can collect up to 1.8 ounces of dried cannabis per plant in an ideal setting. Since it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it is not very long in flowering.

Growing outdoors is likely to yield impressive results in areas with a Mediterranean climate. M8 enjoys bathing in the sun and dancing in the light wind. The ideal growing conditions will yield 35 ounces. It’s best to harvest early in the northern hemisphere.