LSD 5 Pack


Just like the psychedelic drug named for it, the LSD cannabis strain offers an extreme, psychedelic, trippy high. These seeds are grown as a hybrid, where the male marijuana plant produces pollen that sets the female plant on a steady course to bloom. One of its parents is from the Mazar-I-Sharif area in Afghanistan. It is a hardy specimen that can handle tough environments. Mind flexing effects can be had from this genotype. The other one is a real masterpiece, most remarkable for the euphoric high it provides. While their separate identities live on throughout LSD Feminized.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of LSD Feminized Strain?

LSD Feminized releases a classic dank scent with earthy and skunky undertones, it is quite strong and filling. The smoke gets into the lung deeper and the flavor gets stronger. Some tests have measured THC at 24%, and impacts can be on the rear end. The journey starts with a euphoric sensation that overwhelms. Users who are more tolerant also tend to have an increased sense of creativity and focus. Its users become confused and have distorted visual images. Despite these, those were high THC seeds. The cerebral experiences like effects in strains like Sativa. It is shocking that the hybrid LSD Feminized is primarily an Indica strain. The sensation begins to express, and it takes over the body with numbing physical effects. This is not for newbies, as it has powerful effects. Even experienced smokers may not even be able to manage it, especially higher dose levels. But synthetic drugs are much safer than traditional drugs. It can knock you out.

How to Grow LSD Feminized Strain

Besides having psychedelic effects, LSD Feminized is resilient to stimuli. This is an extremely durable, reliable, and easy to maintain hydroponic system. It is also a good choice for a starter strain for first-time growers. Unlike regular seeds, LSD Feminized grown from feminized beans take 7 weeks or less to flower. Indoor grown plants typically grow to a height of about 2 feet and develop outward development. Growers will harvest up to 2 oz for every sq foot. Flowering normally happens during the 2nd and 3rd week of September. Also, every plant is capable of producing 21 oz of buds. Growers must note the pungent odor of the strain. The use of a fragrance to mask the smell of marijuana is the best choice.