Lambs Breath 5 Pack


Lamb’s Breath is a Sativa-dominant hybrid Cannabis variety, and this is the favorite weed strain of the iconic Bob Marley. Green buds with a forest of trichomes and orange hairs grow densely on the plants. On the nugs, a good coating of resin can be seen. Lamb’s Breath marijuana has a THC level of 16-21 percent, making it a safe beginner option. The buds have a unique taste that is a combination of limes and spices. The Lamb’s Breath marijuana strain is ideal for recreational and medicinal use in the morning and during the day.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Lambs Breath Marijuana?

This Jamaican beauty has a unique blend of sweet and earthy flavors that provide a creamy and tasty smoke. Lamb’s Breath has a pungent, piney scent with a soft, woody aftertaste that will stay on your palate long after you’ve exhaled. Lamb’s Breath is a lovely flower with an intoxicating aroma. It smells like a sweet cheese with a splash of skunky goodness.

This strain is a great daytime smoke that will quickly make you feel better. It’s a prominent strain for several reasons, including being called the “ultimate great smoke” and confidently reflecting its heritage. Lamb’s Breath is known for being a perfect “wake and bake” strain, giving you a burst of optimistic motivation to get your day started.

Lamb’s Breath will drive you to be more imaginative and instill a strong spirit of positivity in you, leaving you feeling joyful and delighted for hours. You’ll feel like you can do something with a smile on your face, and it’ll motivate you to be creative, all while feeling relaxed and clear-headed.

How To Grow Lambs Breath Cannabis Seeds?

This ideal plant can be moderately difficult to produce, and the grower would require some experience. Lamb’s Breath likes a humid, equatorial outdoor atmosphere, but it should be transferred to a regulated indoor environment if that isn’t possible. It should be remembered, though, that this plant would need sufficient room to branch out.

Lamb’s Breath grown indoors will take 9 to 10 weeks to bloom and become ready to harvest. You should expect to get around 14 ounces of new and fresh bud per square meter from this plant. During harvest, this sativa should produce about 14 ounces of weed per plant. Lamb’s Breath should be able to harvest in late October or early November.