Hawaiian Skunk Autoflower 5 Pack


Hawaiian Skunk Auto cannabis strain is a 65 percent Indica hybrid that develops roots dense in dark green with potent buds. This strain is intended to encourage maximum relaxation and is favored by many who have recurrent insomnia as a therapeutic strain. Hawaiian Skunk marijuana is a tasty Indica strain that appears to thrive the most in the outdoors. This strain is a cross between Skunk #1 and Hawaiian Indica, famous for its taste and healthy hybrid genetics.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Hawaiian Skunk Cannabis Strain?

Hawaiian Skunk Auto strain is super lovely and friendly. Its sweet earthy flavor is most apparent in its inhalation and turning into a skunky, chemical aftertaste. This strain’s smoke tastes like charming, wise men, combined with woody and herbal notes, which cling to your lips.

Hawaiian Skunk marijuana produces reliable results that all provide a positive and happy atmosphere. This strain will help you neglect all of your problems and fall asleep, as its heavy body sensation will be hard to ignore or fend off. If you want to enjoy the strain, then you can give way to the extraordinary deep sleep it will offer for you. This strain is sure to make you feel joyful and euphoric and ready to share it with everyone around you. The weed strain can keep you from containing your positive vibrations, so it’s better to communicate with others around you who want to spend time with the greatest possible pleasure.

How to Grow Hawaiian Skunk Auto Cannabis Seed?

Hawaiian skunk Auto marijuana seed may both be grown by a new grower since it is easy to grow. This plant prefers the fantastic outdoors but is often quickly cultivated indoors. Hawaiian skunk Auto strain can be cultivated indoors will yield approximately 14 ounces on average per square meter. This strain requires about 8 to 9 weeks to bloom. Overdoor Hawaiian Skunk Auto cannabis stain will generate around 17 ounces per plant and set to flower by mid-October when ready for harvest.