Guava Kush Autoflower 5 Pack


At the top of a Sativa dominant hybrid, Guava Kush Auto-flowering Cannabis strains are a combination of dark and light green, amber hair and surface stable coat of trichomes. The pistils become amber, and the closely packed trichomes allow the buds to fade away as harvest time approaches. During this time you can notice a strong fragrance of tropical fruits. With Guava Kush Auto-flowering Cannabis Strain you should expect THC levels to hit as much as 21 percent.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Guava Kush Autoflowering Cannabis Strain?

The aroma recorded by Guava Kush Autoflowering Cannabis Strain reported is earthy and sweet citrus with hints of gasoline and tastes like tropical fruit, sweet, and citrus.

As relief and relaxation spread across your limbs, anticipate your body to start tingling and humming after taking a hit of this bud. This physical relaxation is paired with a distinct intellectual high that sometimes encourages ingenuity in its users, mellow, mild. Guava Kush Auto Cannabis Strain offers a boost of creative vitality while calming your physical aches and pains, which will have you sharing yourself as you see fit. This energy booster is great for relieving tension and raising the mood of those suffering from anxiety and depression. Furthermore, its physical relaxing effects are good for those who suffer from chronic pain or inflammation such as arthritis and headaches.

How to Grow Guava Kush Autoflowering Cannabis Seed?

The flowering cycle only lasts in a warm place for 8-9 weeks. The pistils take on an amber color as harvest time comes, and the tightly packed trichomes make the buds look faded. You will note a powerful scent of tropical fruits during this period.

Indoors or outdoors, Guava Kush Autoflowering Cannabis Strain grows well. Feed nutrients necessary for their developmental stage to your plants. To avoid mold growth and development, make sure to water only when the soil is dry and high, and not when the soil is damp or muddy.