Green Crack Autoflower 5 Pack


The Green Crack Autoflowering is a Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis seed that is quite famous for its high productivity and fast growth rate. It has a strong fruity smell and flavor and is very easy to grow. This variation is rather famous for its spicy and mango like taste. It has accumulated plenty of fans over the years due to its high energy and stimulating effects which is said to be a good choice for creative and social activities. The Green Crack strain is also suitable for treating Crohn’s disease, stress and depression.This mass producing plant can reach up to a height of sixty to ninety centimeters, have snow-white buds that are fully encrusted with trichomes and only needs eight to nine weeks to harvest.Furthermore, with extensive amounts of resin that produce intense and tasty extractions, this strain is a great choice for beginners and master cultivators alike who are in search for extraordinary flavors and large-scale manufacturing.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Crack Auto Flower?

Recognized for its unique and remarkable scents and flavor, Green Crack Auto features intense notes of spice and mango-like taste, thanks to its Skunk family origins. The combination of its flavors and aroma has been highly admired by cannabis connoisseurs.

As for its effects, the aromas produce an active and powerful high that keeps you going throughout the day. This tangy, fruity flavored strain is suitable for those who needs to concentrate and/or socialize.

How to Grow Green Crack Auto Flower?

Green Crack is considered a perfect balance between Sativa and Indica. It is a mass producer and very easy to grow, With a very short period of 8 to 9 weeks of harvest, it is considered to be one of the most yieldful autoflowering strains available.