Grapeness 5 Pack


The Grapeness Feminized cannabis strain is a potent cross strain of an Indica-dominant hybrid (80 percent indica/20 percent sativa). This dank bud of the marijuana strain has a relatively high THC amount varying from 18-26 percent and a mixture of both Indica and sativa effects. Grapeness feminized plants have minty green leaves, and undertones have thick spade-shaped dark olive green nugs. This marijuana strain dunk bud is filled with shaggy dark ambers hair and is absolute with thick white trichomes. Grapeness Feminized leaves the users relaxed and calm.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Grapeness Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Grapeness has a scent of earthy, berry fresh, and a flavor of earthy grapes freshly selected that sweetens when exhaled. Grapeness feminized buds have green shade leaves, and undertones have thick spade-shaped dark olive green shade nugs. With shaggy dark amber hairs, these nugs are speckled and are positively frosty with thick white trichomes. This marijuana strain is high that can make you lazy with a light head that leaves you sedated before helping you to sleep comfortably and peacefully.

How to Grow Grapeness Feminized  Cannabis Seeds

The Grapeness feminized cannabis strain is grown in a humid, sunny, and temperate climate. Expert breeders suggested that this marijuana strain develops with too much moisture indoors; growers can place enough ventilation systems to ensure no excess water is left. This marijuana strain will grow more robust and healthier buds. It will take a short flowering period of 7-8 weeks and will be ready for harvest.