Grandaddy Purple 5 Pack


Grandaddy Purple (which is also known as Grandaddy Purps or GDP) is an indica-dominant hybrid that is very famous in the cannabis markets of the USA. It is the most well-known cannabis strain that emits a purple hue in its plant structures. As a staple in almost every garden in the West Coast, the Grandaddy Purple Feminized is a classic that has withstood the tests of time! Parent strains of this hybrid consists of somePurple UrkleandBig Bud. What you are left with is a high-yielding abomination with intense berry flavors and soothing highs!The Grandaddy Purple Feminized will contain delicious tangy flavors of fruits and berries. As it is dominantly an indica variety, you are sure to get full body-massaging sensations that will help keep you nicely tucked into your beds and couches. Add in the strong case of munchies and you have yourself a fully booked weekend!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Grandaddy Purple Feminized?

Grandaddy Purple Feminized carries a lot of flavor profiles from its parent strains. With a fruity and tangy taste, Grandaddy Purple is pretty easy to admire because of the smooth and subtle notes that it brings. Anyone who is a fan of the grape flavor is sure to enjoy this as it is the main highlight of the smoke. Overall, it is much sweeter than earthy, which a lot of people will appreciate especially in today’s cannabis industry.

This marijuana strain does have some powerful effects but they will do little to feel overpowering! It generally starts creeping into your body and induces a nice, soothing body high. You will begin to feel slight urges of lying down and heading straight to sleep as this sedating strain reaches its peak. Grandaddy Purple brings some very typical indica effects that many users find appealing.

How to Grow Grandaddy Purple Feminized

Cultivating Grandaddy Purple Feminized seeds is pretty simple in the sense that it repels molds and mildew very well and stays away from diseases. However. Actually keeping the buds in check and controlling its environment will require a certain degree of expertise. Keeping the temperatures and humidity will not only produce potent buds, it will also help bring out the beautiful, head-turning purple hues that this strain is typically known for.

The short and bushy plants will need constant trimming and topping. It is very convenient to save growing space with these seeds as they sprout miniature-sized shrubs that are easy to maintain. Grandaddy Purple Feminized has an average flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks so you outdoor growers can expect your harvest seasons to come around mid October. With some Big Bud genetics, the yields of this strain are superb. You get around 500 grams indoors and up to 650 grams outdoors, well above the average yield rates of other strains .