Grandaddy Black 5 Pack


The Grandaddy Black is an extremely strong indica-dominant hybrid that is believed to have first originated in the United Kingdom. As the spawn of some very well-established strains inGrandaddy Purpleand the reliableBlack Domina, this Grandaddy Black does a fine job in displaying all the best attributes of its predecessors. Both beginner and long-time smokers can surely get some awesome deep relaxing effects from having a go at this strain. As it also has some intense tropical and fruity flavors, you are gonna have your hands full with this miracle worker!Grandaddy Black also is a breeze to plant and cultivate. With the low maintenance needed to produce some extremely high yields, seeds of this strain will certainly give you a very convenient and effortless cultivation experience! If you are a fan of indica strains, then Grandaddy Black should definitely be on your radar. Trying this out won’t disappoint you!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Grandaddy Black Feminized?

Grandaddy Black is a sensational strain that leaves no user short of flavors and aromatic scents. The buds of this strain will emit a powerful rush of grapes and berries in your mouth, giving you a sweet and slightly sour blend. The hints of earthiness give this strain a much more complex set of tastes. Without realizing it, you will begin taking hit after hit of its delicious buds!

Grandaddy Black is the epitome of a smooth-hitting indica and this is quite evident when you experience its effects. While you take some strong hits of this strain, you will begin to feel your movements being restricted as the numbing sensations set in. Soon after, a sense of couch-lock will keep you immobilized as you start daydreaming about all the fun times and good memories you have.

However, Grandaddy Black does not wear you out and crash your body! Instead, you will be neatly tucked into your most comfortable positions as the strong euphoria and dreaminess coat your entire body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grandaddy Black Feminized?

This Grandaddy Black Feminized strain will work wonders in both your body and head. As the extremely relaxing effects are aimed to put even the most restless users to sleep, people who are experiencing strong feelings of insomnia will definitely find good relief here. The powerful physical high will also come in handy for treating episodes of fatigue and stress. After waking up from a smoking session of Grandaddy Black, your body will feel much more fresh and alive!

Of course, the cerebral aspect of this strain also makes for a great therapeutic choice for mental conditions. People are known to feel much happier and uplifted after having a go with this strain. As such, it is an effective mitigator of depression and anxiety symptoms. Those feeling unrelaxed due to PTSD and ADHD can also make good use of the calming sensations you get from this.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Grandaddy Black Feminized

Like all strong strains, it isn’t uncommon for Grandaddy Black to impose some pretty strong and uncomfortable feelings. For one, the THC levels that may be too high for some new smokers might cause disorienting feelings and sudden bursts of paranoia and panic. This can also be due to people being unfamiliar with the strong couch-lock.

Overall, you should be careful with using this strain under the right conditions. Make sure that you are first properly hydrated in order to avoid the cottonmouth and dry eyes that will typically come with strong hitters.

How to Grow Grandaddy Black Feminized

Grandaddy Black is more of an outdoor strain but it can still grow quite well under cooler, controlled conditions. Under these, you will get some purples shades in the leaves and buds, making for a very attractive and beautiful grow. These feminized seeds are known to have extremely low maintenance demands, which makes them a great choice for beginners who are looking to try their hand with indicas.

It has a relatively short flowering period which can take up to 7 to 9 weeks. Yields can be expected to be more than average, as you will get up to 800 grams outdoors and 600 grams indoors. Grandaddy Black does not really need any special attention, but the seeds will benefit greatly from proper training techniques which could increase the yields.