Gold Leaf 5 Pack


The Gold Leaf Feminized marijuana strain is a cannabis hybrid that generally leans more towards the indica side of the spectrum. Known for its unique growing behavior and amazing smoking performance, Gold Leaf is the premium choice for growers who want a change of pace in their weed crops. With the pretty even balance of indica and sativa, you are bound to get a high that’ll be great for any time of the day!While we are sure of this to be a kickass strain, the background and origins of Golf Leaf Feminized are widely unknown. It comes from an untraceable set of hybrids being crossbred with one another, which makes it hard to pinpoint the amazing flavors and effects that this has to offer!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Gold Leaf Feminized?

The Gold Leaf Feminized strain has a very distinct pungent aroma of sweetness and herbs. Once you take a sip of this, you will get a mild spiciness that is cut down by the earthy tones in the back. Instead of being overly flavorful, the smoke of this strain leaves enough room for all its profiles. This makes it easy to enjoy while you still get hints of each flavor.

As you start smoking this strain, it takes a hold of you almost instantly. This quick-acting sucker will induce a very uplifting high. You will begin to feel your senses sharpen as you will suddenly start getting a bit more social and focused. A renewed sense of awareness will get you giddy for a few minutes.

The high, however, will quickly turn the corner as it starts reaching its climax. It will become a lot more  hazy as your mind will start floating in the clouds. For the rest of the high, you are met with sedating, relaxing vibes that’ll be perfect for chilling out.

What are the Medical Benefits of Gold Leaf Feminized?

One of the main uses of Gold Leaf for the medical sector is to stimulate a person’s appetite and bring a newfound sense of hunger to those  with eating disorders. The calming and relaxing sensations also help get rid of any negative vibes that may be causing depression and anxiety!

With the sedating and smooth body high that you get from this strain, anyone with fatigue and stress will be relieved almost immediately after a few hits of Gold Leaf Feminized. Of course, this will also be very useful for inducing sleep and drowsiness in people diagnosed with insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Gold Leaf Feminized

The only negative side effects that you may get from Gold Leaf are the common, frequent ones associated with strong strains. This includes the high possibility of paranoia, panic, and anxiety in those who are not expecting the powerful punches of this hybrid.

You are also bound to get a sense of cottonmouth and dry eyes if you are not well-prepared in using this strain. Keep your body fluids up to an ample level in order to avoid these unpleasant sensations.

How to Grow Gold Leaf Feminized

As these Gold Leaf Feminized seeds grow pretty well indoors and outdoors with long hours of sunlight, you can have a number of options on how to cultivate them. They will even respond beautifully in a hydroponics system due to the controlled amount of nutrients that they can absorb!

The thick, durable branches of Gold Leaf Feminized are capable of handling the robust buds that these plants produce. It is a plant that tends to grow quite tall and bushy so make sure to have ample spacing for it to expand! The vegetative and flowering stages are rather quick, which is one main feature of these seeds that many people enjoy.