Gods Gift 5 Pack


God’s Gift is an almost pure indica (90% indica) hybrid strain that provides extremely powerful effects due to its profound THC level of up to 27%. This strain is the genetic result of crossbreeding theGranddaddy Purplewith some classicOG Kush. The results were something that no one was ever expecting to have. God’s Gift provides the epitome of what an indica strain should be like. With an extremely euphoric and intoxicating high, any user will find great relief and calmness in God’s Gift. Factor in the skunky diesel of OG Kush and the citrus berry flavors of GD Purple, you are left with a miracle of a strain! It quite literallydoesseem like a gift sent down from the heavens with the way it performs when consumed. Because of its lineage, God’s Gift Feminized has been a smashing hit all over the world, most especially in the West Coast. If you are looking for the perfect indica, here it is!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of God’s Gift Feminized?

The God’s Gift Feminized strain incorporates a rich blend of flavors that burst in your mouth with every inhale and exhale. The tasty smoke produces a sweet, berry-like flavor that will later give off some lemon profiles. This all comes with a tantalizing hashy flavor that gets quite pungent the more you continue to puff away on this joint! It has a very smooth aftertaste that won’t exactly irritate your throat but will leave you with a rough, robust finish.

The effects of God’s Gift will induce a very indica-leaning high that relaxes your body and promotes a deep sense of peace and tranquility. As you will practically forget your troubles because of the hypnotizing high this strain gives, your mind will start filling up with the most vibrant and dreamy haze. Your mood will start being elevated but your body will generally stay still as it takes in all the blissful buzzes from God’s Gift.

What are the Medical Benefits of God’s Gift Feminized?

The high of this strain makes it a very beneficial option for patients who are suffering from pain and discomfort in their bodies. God’s Gift helps users deal with a wide set of physical conditions such as  arthritis, joint inflammation, back aches, muscle pain due to stress, migraines, and chronic pains.

God’s Gift also comes in handy for a number of mental conditions. Because it won’t leave you with any feelings of mind-altering sensations. Instead, the vibrant and elevated mood you get can be used for treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This strain also gets sedating so anyone with insomnia will find great relief in this strain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From God’s Gift Feminized

The THC levels of God’s Gift can get quite high. As such, those who are not accustomed to regular weed smoking or are just starting out may get a sense of nausea and dizziness. Sometimes, people also report greening out, which can last for many hours and be quite uncomfortable.

As with most powerful strains, it may be common to feel a sense of paranoia or anxiety with God’s Gift due to the overwhelming strength of the high.

How to Grow God’s Gift Feminized

Like it’s Granddaddy parent strain, God’s Gift Feminized will give off a deep purple hue that streaks through the leaves and buds of your plants when grown in cooler climates. It is an extremely easy strain to cultivate and is very resistant to various mold development and insect infestations. Beginner growers will surely have a simple time growing this strain. Perhaps the only thing you will have to boost is the nutrient intake in order for the buds to grow bigger and more robust.

The flowering period of God’s Gift Feminized averages around 7 to  9 weeks. While the yields of this strain aren’t all that high, the buds can grow  thick and frosty. Each one is coated with an even layering of crystal-white trichomes that compliment the purple shades!