Blue Chem 6pk


Blue Chem • Feminized Photoperiod

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

? 17% – 20% THC


? Fruity-Diesel

? Hints of Blueberry

? Orange & Lemon

? Pine Tones

Yield Potential

? Very Large

Flowering Time

? 8-9 weeks

*For this Strain we ship double the seed for germination rate correction. Purchase a 6 Pack you will get a 12 Pack! Same with the 12 Packs, you will receive (2) 12 packs.  

Blue. It’s serenity in technicolor. Calm. Peaceful. Relaxing. Yeah, we know how to name a strain.

Genetically modified to create a sublime experience, the blue chem feminized marijuana seed strikes a balance between lackadaisical indica and energizing sativa strains. Blue Chem fusing the cerebral high and formidability of the blue dream strain with the stimulating effects and pine flavor of chemodo dragon. The result is an experience that relaxes in a dreamy, uplifting high. Balanced, though, functioning isn’t an issue. A fruity-diesel cannabis strain, Blue Chem emanates the sweet aromas of blueberry and citrus kissed with pine. Rounding out the allure of Blue Chem, this pot plant is high-yielding. A workhorse through and through, it is a manageable crop and is one genetic that will serve a new or novice grower well with its substantial, trichome-rich nugs. Walter White would be proud of this weed workhorse.

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