Fruit Autoflower 5 Pack


Experience a deliciously fruity strain called Fruit. This is a wonderful strain that came from the union of three legendary strains. It is a strain with low THC at 12%, and therefore, it has a moderate relaxing effect ideal for an afternoon nap. It will make you feel calmer and focus better on your work.

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More About Fruit Autoflower

Newbie-Friendly Weed

Fruit Autoflower is a great mix of Indica, Ruderalis, and Sativa strains through crossing Dinafem #1, Lowryder #1, and Grapefruit. The cross between these three strains made this weed tame with THC levels reaching only up to 12%. While many would not find this weed satisfying, new users will gladly enjoy the scent, taste, effects, and overall experience.

Tokers are introduced to a rollercoaster of flavors ranging from sweet and fruity to skunky and tropical tastes. The sensations that this strain induces include a deep sense of calm and reflection is the result of a low THC content. A fantastic strain to smoke in the evening or during the day when you want to clear your mind, this weed can also be enjoyed through the company of friends or through quality time watching movies. Make sure to make the most out of this weed as it will only last a few hours.