Exodus Cheese 5 Pack


The Exodus Cheese (which is also called U.K Cheese) Feminized marijuana strain is a cannabis hybrid that consists of equal parts of indica and sativa genetics. For many decades, Exodus Cheese has been able to fully captivate users’ minds and produce a high so euphoric that it becomes a staple in their marijuana strains of choice. This legend emits a very musky and pungent smell along with its strong flavors of cheesy goodness. Once you experience the dreamy effects, you’ll know what all the hype is about!Despite having a pretty large following of loyal weed smokers, the origins and background of the Exodus Cheese Feminized is widely unknown. Many stories and theories have been cited as possibilities for this strain’s beginnings. But regardless of what may be true, Exodus Cheese Feminized is here to stay.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Exodus Cheese Feminized?

One of the main reasons why Exodus Cheese Feminized is so highly respected and beloved by many cannabis fans out there is because of the extremely delicious flavors of cheese and pine. It emits a very strong and  rich smell even as the plant only begins to produce the potent flowers.Once you start grinding them up, your nose is filled with a very musky and tantalizing scent. The creamy and smooth-flowing smoke gives users a minty exhale that warms your whole mouth.

The high of Exodus Cheese tends to hit you almost immediately after the first few tokes. You will start feeling a certain buzz around your eyes and temple, followed by a sudden sensation that sharpens your senses and dials it up to eleven. Your perspective about your surroundings tend to change as you will feel much more happy and social. While it doesn’t exactly alter your mind with strong cerebral hits, you will definitely gain much more creative ideas and see your productivity skyrocket through the roof! Talk about a quick energy charge!

What are the Medical Benefits of Exodus Cheese Feminized?

As for the medical benefits, you can put the cerebral effects to good use. The enlightenment and sense of happiness that you get from the Exodus Cheese can really aid people in reducing the levels of stress that they experience. Those diagnosed with mild or severe symptoms of depression and who are prone to anxiety attacks will find quick relief in the high of this strain. Because it isn’t necessarily a mind-altering hybrid, users will have little to worry about getting too tripped out.

Exodus Cheese is also frequently used to cure mild or severe degrees of pain and discomfort. If you are beginning to have some headaches or muscle injuries from various activities, the numbing effects of Exodus Cheese can help mitigate these conditions.

Negative Effects You Can Expect Exodus Cheese Feminized

While Exodus Cheese does not have the highest levels of THC, the cerebral and mind-hitting effects can cause quite a bit of dizziness in users. Having too much to smoke can really get people, most especially beginners, to feel nauseous and disoriented.

If you are not used to cannabis smoking, then a subtle weed hangover might trouble you for a couple of hours after the high. Also, some dry eyes and cottonmouth are bound to happen if you are not properly hydrated.

How to Grow Exodus Cheese Feminized

The Exodus Cheese strain tends to be very pungent and aromatic during cultivation. While this is great for growers in building up the potency of the plant, it might be too overwhelming for some nearby residences. As such, keeping a well-ventilated area really helps you control the spread of the skunky smells of this strain. You will notice some nice combinations of indica and sativa in the plant structure of this hybrid. The buds grow into big and fat sizes. While they aren’t the most in amount, you can still get heavy yields from it.

Because it is not the easiest strain to grow, keeping in under the heavily regulated conditions of an indoor garden will work best. The heavy and dense buds might get a little too hefty for your branches so I suggest placing some support structures to keep them in place. Regularly top and trim these plants as they tend to get quite bushy. Doing so allows maximum light absorption that will give you the best yields.