East Coast Alien Fast Version 5 Pack


East Coast Alien cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant strain with pungent OG tastes and energetic effects. This cannabis strain is the offspring of infamous Alien Technology and the classic East Coast Sour D. The buds and the scent of gasoline are tangled in pistils as well as the exhale is mint and woodland floor. Effects arrive easily, infusing the user with an uplifted peacefulness after a long day breaks down woe and stress. Without becoming overstimulating, the hype is empowering, producing a stable Sativa buzz to help keep motivated, wrap up chores, as well as simply increase mood.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of East Coast Alien?

Although at the beginning of your experience, fuel might well hit your nose, you will exhale a smooth taste of woodland and mind. While it is essentially stronger mostly on the Sativa side of stuff, with little to no time, East Coast Alien strain brings a one to two punch of effects. Straight off the bat, its user will realize a strong cerebral boost, sending your mental state soaring to a level of euphoria. Creative thinking appears to surge here, though its ability to concentrate would be far from you. Your body would then start to experience top to toe shivers that brought in a state of stimulated stress relief, only if you think you cannot get any higher. This bud would also take you right to sleep, guess it depends on your tolerance, so ensure your use would be properly time-bound.

How to Grow East Coast Alien?

It is even more demanding to find East Coast Alien seeds to grow at home. This cannabis strain could be difficult to locate on cannabis dispensary catalogs, and those that want to cultivate it at home could also try to make that happen all their lives. But sadly, maybe it is better to fall in love with another plant.