Early Skunk 5 Pack


Early Skunk Feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid that brings all the great properties of a classic strain and mixes in some modern twists. As the birth child of crossbreeding someOriginal Skunk #1with anEarly Pearlhybrid, this Early Skunk Feminized strain can pack quite a punch. In addition to the earthy and skunky flavors that it induces, the presence of generous yields consisting of frosty, trichome-filled buds gives growers everything that they ask for! Also, the uniquely strong high that gets you feeling relaxed and uplifted at the same time makes this a strain good for the late hours of the day!The Early Skunk Feminized strain is known to be a very premium choice and it has the accolades to prove it. In fact, it was able to take home the highly-esteemedHigh Times Cannabis Cupaward, placing first in the 2006 event. This, along with several other awards and recognitions, establishes Early Skunk as a go-to choice for any grower out there.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Early Skunk Feminized?

A lot of smokers and avid fans of weed praise the Early Skunk Feminized for its strong and robust taste profiles and smells. As a carrier of the classic Skunk #1 strain, you can expect a very earthy and skunky flavor out of this. A subtle hint of floral and piney notes provide a rather sophisticated side to the smoke. While it can get pretty rough on the smoke, the velvety exhale of each hit makes this a wonder to behold.

Despite the high presence of indica influence in Early Skunk, it is a more daytime strain than anything else. You’re bound to remember everything that you ought to be doing in the day and start doing all your tasks for long hours to come. The quick-acting euphoria that blankets your mind and transports it to another realm of pure bliss is coupled with strong uplifting effects. Creative thoughts will constantly boost your productiveness as you feel more alert and focused on the things at hand.

What are the Medical Benefits of Early Skunk Feminized?

The energizing kick that you get from Early Skunk Feminized also works great for a number of medical benefits. For one, any user who is feeling fatigued or drained out from work will feel completely refreshed and up to speed after a smoke of this strain. The high of Early Skunk gets smokers back up on their feet, getting rid of any anxious thoughts, PTSD, or even depression symptoms that may be troubling to experience.

Of course, the indica-leaning effects also play a part in the medical benefits of Early Skunk Feminized. The warm body buzz gets rid of any stress and pressure building up in your joints. If you feel any body aches or chronic pain lasting for extended periods of time, having a few joints of this every now and then will definitely lessen the mounting pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect Early Skunk Feminized

As with practically all marijuana strains out there, this Early Skunk Feminized does a fine job of drying up your mouth and eyes. The high THC levels and the pungent tastes can also lead to some pretty uncomfortable paranoia, anxiety, and even hallucinations for beginner smokers.

The disorienting alteration of reality can even lead to dizziness if you are smoking Early Skunk in a rowdy environment. Also, the rough smoke may lead to some coughing and irritation of the throat if you aren’t used to this type of weed.

How to Grow Early Skunk Feminized

Early Skunk Feminized displays obvious signs of its indica genetics, growing a pretty short and bushy plant with wide, congested leaves. The dark green hues of the plant are also a dead giveaway of the indica plant structure. The seeds of this strain can develop and thrive in any condition. But because it gives a very mold resistant quality to the stems and roots, Early Skunk Feminized is capable of withstanding a slightly cooler climate, you can choose to grow it outdoors in order to take advantage of the large yields.

When the strain reaches its flowering stages, you will instantly notice the strong and pungent scents of skunkiness. Keeping them at a safe distance from your neighbors can help you avoid any unwanted attention from the public. Also, Early Skunk Feminized tends to grow strong and sturdy branches to support the luscious buds that come in insane amounts.