Devil XXL Autoflower 5 Pack


Try this scorching hot Devil XXL, an autoflowering strain with very high THC. It will help you focus, concentrate on different tasks, and deal with stress and pain. It is a sure way to light up the day and survive a very busy, demanding afternoon. It is an automatic strain; therefore, it’s easy to cultivate.

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More About Devil XXL Autoflower

A Devilish Treat

Devil XXL Autoflower is an auto-flowering strain that is highly effective as medical marijuana due to its potent abilities to reduce pain, improve productivity, and calming properties. A cross between Jack Herer and Big Devil #2, this is a strain is known for its versatility and stability. Big Devil #2 is a strain that is adored by many due to its impressive amounts of THC, while Jack Herer has won many accolades ever since its debut. With its high THC components, one should expect a mental high that allows intense focus and concentration that ends in a relaxing comedown. A perfect replacement for coffee in the morning, this weed creates a stimulating environment without having to deal with lethargic effects.

A highly adaptable plant, Devil XXL Autoflower, is a great outdoor strain to grow due to its high resistance to molds and other diseases. The herb has a very acidic aroma and is very evident on its strong lemon flavors upon exhale.