Critical Northern Lights 5 Pack


Critical Northern Lights is an Indica leaning hybrid that gives a  potent mood uplifting, euphoric, and deeply relaxing effect to its users. Obviously, the genetic lineage of this cannabis strain is the legendary Critical Mass and Northern lights marijuana strain. This weed inherited the heavy, dense buds of the Critical Mass while users enjoy the deep sedating body high from northern lights. With a THC level of 18% expect to get a powerful relaxed and calming feeling that may put you into a deep sleep soon. With the heavy body high this strain produces, it is highly recommended to enjoy the stone at night

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Northern Lights (fem)

Critical Northern Lights marijuana strains are a hard-hitting strain that will start with a buzzing of the body that reaches down to the toes. Soon a rush of euphoric waves will give the user a pure feeling of happiness. Then within minutes, the entire body will be wrapped around a completely relaxing state. This is the main effect of this super cannabis strain. With 2 heavily sedating parents, it is most likely that the child would possess the Indica body high its parents are most known for. As the high continues to deeply tranquilize the user, a couch-locked state will ensue. Adding a few more tokes of his weed will further push down the user into a deeper trance-like dimension eventually inducing the user to a night of deep undisturbed sleep.

The aroma from the Critical Northern Lights cannabis strain is a mix of sweet fruitiness and damp earth. It is a pleasing scent that attracts a lot of cannabis lovers. As with its aroma, the taste is similar. It tastes like a sweet earthy flavor with a hint of honey lemon as an aftertaste that clings to the lips after exhaling smoke.

What are the Medical Benefits of Critical Northern Lights (fem)?

Critical Northern Lights weed is sought after by medical cannabis practitioners due to its mix of therapeutic effects that affect both the mind and body. Its cerebral happiness and mood uplifting characteristics are used by medical cannabis patients suffering from stress and depression. By creating a joyful state mix in some calming effects, all negative thoughts lurking in the patient’s mind are locked away and replaced with an air of positivity within the patient.

What Critical Northern Lights are most known for is its ability to provide a deeply relaxing stone that can combat pain. Its heavy sedating characteristic makes it a perfect weed to relieve patients suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and migraines. Insomnia sufferers are also treated using this strain as its euphoric ability and sleep-inducing capabilities are just what insomniacs need to get restful sleep and feel revitalized the following day.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critical Northern Lights (fem)

Like most Indica strains, Critical Northern Lights produce cottonmouth and dry reddish eyes. Drinking liquids before, during, and after smoking will assist in preventing dry mouth, and purchasing a moisturizing eye drop will work for dry eyes.

How to Grow Critical Northern Lights (fem)

Critical Northern lights (fem) are very easy to grow. They can be grown either indoors and outdoors and do not require any special growing technique to prosper. This is a suitable weed for beginners to grow. The only special requirement needed is by placing wooden supports on the branches once this starts to flower. Coming from a parent which requires the same procedure, Critical Mass, the buds of this marijuana strain will grow large and densely heavy and could easily snap off unsupported branches.

This weed strain prefers a warm sunny and semi-humid climate so indoor growing needs to replicate these conditions for her to be healthy and productive. Same with outdoor growing, these growth conditions must be present otherwise the plant will not thrive. Flowering will start in 7 to 8 weeks and yields will be a generous 400 grams of fresh weed.