Critical Mass Autoflower 5 Pack


Experience Critical Mass an autoflowering strain made from very potent parents. It is easy to grow, flowers quickly, and has a fantastic aroma of lemon and honey. You’ll also find this medicinal as it can help ease pain, anxiety, and stress. It can also help with insomnia to help you sleep better.

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More About Critical Mass Autoflower 

A Grower’s Choice

Critical Mass Autoflower is known in the cannabis market to be one of the most trusted strains to produce high caliber results. It is such a welcoming surprise to many growers that this Indica dominant strain provides tremendous amounts of yield.

With its short stature, this strain only takes around 80 days from seed to harvest to grow, making it one of the best auto-flowering types that truly shines when grown indoors. This auto-flowering version of Critical Mass has a noticeable taste and aroma similar to that of freshly squeezed lemon with the sweetness of honey. Those who crave a lazy weekend or relaxing afternoon should smoke this weed as it induces an uplifting buzz while letting all your creative juices flowing. This strain is also received with welcoming arms in the medical community due to its decent CBD levels.

Critical Mass Autoflower is created to cater to a grower’s choice for commercial success.