Critical 47 5 Pack


Critical 47 marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid of Sativa and Indica. It will offer the best of both worlds when it comes to getting high. Having famous parents in Critical Mass and AK 47 marijuana strains, Critical 47, aside from having enjoyable effects offer a sweet and fruity flavor for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy. With a THC content that ranges from 15% to 22% and a CBD of 0.3%, expect a mix of euphoric and calming effects from this great weed!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical 47 (fem)

Critical 47 cannabis strain offers a pleasant high that will take you up as it will offer a euphoric and uplifting high, then take you down as your body starts to calm down and feel fully related. These wave-like effects from Critical 47 make it a pleasant and delightful strain to enjoy with your friends or alone. A slow wave of energy will start the high, this cerebral feeling fills your mind with happy thoughts giving the user uncontrollable giggles. Soon after, a slow creeping and tingling sensation will put the users in a relaxed and calm state. It is highly recommended to consume this slowly as taking too much of this can lead to a deeper sedated and numbing state which will eventually lead the users to be heavily sleepy.

The aroma coming from this weed is distinctly sweet mixed with a pungent earthy scent with hints of fruits and vanilla. This weed can emit a very strong and pungent odor so it must be noted by growers to have good ventilation equipment when growing this indoors. These delightful scents are carried over to this cannabis strains’ flavors. A sweet and earthy flavor with a fruity tang coming as an aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Critical 47 (fem)?

Critical 47 is best known for its relaxing capabilities, thus making it an effective medical cannabis strain for those suffering from stress and depression. The mood uplifting properties of this weed coupled with its euphoric high is a great way to treat medical cannabis patients suffering from PTSD as those traumatic memories are locked out when the patient tokes on this weed and is transported to a place where everything is dreamy and blissful.

Aside from the positive inducing behavior and thinking of the patients, Critical 47 can also help provide a temporary relief from those suffering from chronic pain, backaches, and muscle spasms. Insomniacs will also benefit from consuming this weed as increasing the dosage of this wed will lead the user to be very sleepy and enjoy a dreamless, undisturbed sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critical 47 (fem)

Using the Critical 47 marijuana strain will affect the users by drying out their mouths, throat, and eyes. These are common effects of using cannabis and this is easily remedied. Taking lots of liquids will help in keeping the user hydrated, and purchasing moisturizing eye drops will aid in lubricating the eyes.

How to Grow Critical 47 (fem)

Critical 47 (fem) is a moderate plant to grow, but it can be grown either indoors or outdoors. This weed will thrive in warm sunny and dry conditions so it is important for indoor growers to control and maintain the grow room environmental conditions to make this plant happy. Just like one of its parent strains, Critical Mass, this cannabis strain will grow heavy and dense buds, so it is recommended o support the branches with nugs to prevent any of these branches from snapping off. By keeping them happy, they will start flowering in 7 to  8 weeks and yields can be as high as 14 ounces indoors and 18 ounces for outdoor growing.